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Changed problems

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The problems of the population have changed. Before it was the extreme poverty, now there are more urgent problems. These are drug abuse, criminality and teenage pregnancies. Used drugs (mostly out in the open) are marijuana, crack and cocaine. What is being done about it? Nothing. The people, who should be doing something about it, are on it themselves. There is no official data about it, but the leaders of the work guess that approximately 60% of the youth (and a part of the adults) use drugs. To pay for this addiction, the criminality has increased. There are many burglaries and robberies, with or without weapons. Everything that can be sold is a target. Electronic devices, bikes, motorbikes, cell phones, etc. The third accurate problem are the teenage pregnancies. In the local health care centre, 1 out of 4 pregnancies that come in are teenage pregnancies. All these problems are on our minds. What will the future of all these addicted, teenage mothers and criminals look like? We pray for them and we try to find a solution. Some of our campaigns to reach the youth (and to protect them) are already working. Like our sport program, even though we don’t really have a suitable room. A coffee bar will be opened soon. The government is also stimulating local governments to organize an anti drug group, and our leaders have already put some pressure on the mayor and aldermen, so the workgroup will actually come. There has to be a lawyer (that would be Daniel van Eijk) and a social worker (Denise) in it. Will you pray with us for good ideas?